Christmas in Nauvoo Ward Christmas Party

The Jacobsens were in charge of putting together the Ward Christmas party and we were priviledged to be on the team! We were excited to help out especially because the theme was Christmas in Nauvoo. Meg had TONS of great ideas and found lots of help online. Here are just a few pics of that night...we were running around crazy making sure everything went well, so the pics are limited:)
The cultural hall Nauvoo background. 
Tables decorated in white, gold or red, with an added simple touch of pinecones and greenery. 

The backdrop for the stage is a few Nauvoo buildings, which a comfy chair and some old quilts, again adorned with pinecones and simply greenery.

Cora found Aunty Jacki and got herself some loves. I don't think I saw Cora the whole night at all:)

Kaylee with Wyatt and Evee, they were enjoying the Bakery's activity. Decorating an authentically made gingerbread cookie! YUM!

Rykel with James & Lindsay.....I don't think You can even see the actual gingerbread...JUST the frosting!

One of the rooms I was in charge of was the Nativities from around the world. I did contribute a few nativities, but a few that I loved were the American Indian and the Eskimo ones. So CUTE!

Of course the kids LOVED when they got to chat with Santa. He told a story and then gave each kid a toy that might have been seen in Nauvoo. They got wooden planes, car, or train whistle.

 Wyatt and Rykel are such cute kids. Rykels determination and skills always helps her to be one of the first in line for whatever she wants! Sadly because I was running around I didn't get any pictures of Klai, Shae or Evee with Santa.

It was a blast and the spirit of Nauvoo was definitely there! LOVED IT!

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