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Magic and Wonder 

The Christmas season is filled with magic and wonder. 
When I was younger I used to sit under the tree and dream of the magic. I love that Rusty finds a comfortable place back there too. 

We got a lovely surprise in the mail from Aunty Dee…..Hawaiian treats. We all thoroughly enjoyed those. 

Not having a fireplace really puts a damper on my winter wonderland feel. But I finally found a place to put all 8 stockings that grandma made. The banister is a perfect place. I’ve also been very excited and lucky to find some great Christmas decor cheap at the thrift store or free from the FB groups. 

Of course Elfie made her appearance in the house off and on throughout the month of December. I love the magic the kids feel when she does her magic. 

Elfie brought the reason of the season with a little Nativity set up.

I get that same feeling of magic when I get to see this man’s smile! I love him dearly and life is always wonderful with him. 

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