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New School, Friends and fashion

Jan 19, 2013 | Family Life | 1 comment

So kids started their new school and so far they love it. We decided to go to this school because their cousins go there and atleast they’ll know 1 person. But I know that the kids will make friends and be ok. I moved around a lot before the age of 12 and making friends was not hard for me. I know that friendship comes easy to some and not for others.

After the first day of school Klai came home with names and phone numbers of atleast 5 girls, yeah that’s my girl. She frequently will set up play dates. Rykel on the other hand doesn’t care as much, she’s content to play at home with Shae. Such difference and I love each one for it!

So this school has a space program/center, totally awesome. I remember visiting this Elementary school when I went to a different school, growing up here. So they have cool space stuff and facts all around the school, and when you get to the upper grades you can help out with the space center. I am excited for that! 

 photo IMG_1957_zps193a2505.jpg

Moving to a new school and coming from Hawaii where fashion is not even thought about…I get concerned for my kids who like myself DON’T CARE so much about fashion. I get worried that, because they’re relaxed and love t-shirts and holy jeans that, they’ll get teased at school.  I get in little debates with certain children about what is OK and not OK to wear to school.

I have 3 rules about clothes: 1 – No Holes, 2 – No stains (not noticeable), 3 – Can’t wear it 2 days in a row.

Does anyone else have these debates? Am I too uptight about that?

Well this child, which is not the one I debate with, makes me laugh with his fashion sense.
Shae on his way to school…what is this kid thinking? Snow coat, shorts & boots. Hmmm?!  photo IMG_2088_zpse5235960.jpg

Now if I could just convince the others about fashion as I do Evee. She has her own fashion sense…and sometimes its not too bad! And a lot of the time I can persuade her to wear certain things. But I love this kid in sunglasses!   photo IMG_2187_zpse233ef44.jpg

Moving to Utah I was excited to be able to wear certain things again, things you can’t wear in Hawaii or you’ll die of HEAT! Beanies & Coats..I have a thing for Coats, and I have a thing for kids in beanies. Isn’t she adorable. LOVE IT!  photo Screenshot2013-01-17at101622PM_zpsbde119d7.png

1 Comment

  1. Dolly

    I'm with you on sunglasses and beanies. Can't give up the shade loving Hawaii life and now you get to add beanies. You have an awesome beanie baby stye thing going on with Cora! It's fun when you are still the one who gets to choose for them. When they are older, I'm all for the independent, intuitive decision making and letting them feel secure in that choice. Training them of course on how to detect dirty. As for clean options…

    I just focus on the positives. I let Izzy wear the clothes two days in a row if she wants to and she often does. I travel a lot for work, so I don't want to create unnecessary stress by having it be one way when I am here and then seem like she is getting away with something when I'm gone. It's modesty in a real sense of the word because it is practical.

    The positive thing about it is that she can help break a fear that perhaps came from modern consumption behavior rather than what is actually necessary. If it's still clean, it can be worn again and less focus on having variety for the sake of appearance. She hardly ever wears out clothes so I decided that this less is more method of fashion, is a benefit to reduce, reuse, recycle, of which I am a big fan.


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