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Cora’s REAL thoughts on food

Jan 29, 2013 | baby food, cereal, fruits, gagging, meat, veggies, yelling | 0 comments

So I am always slow in starting my kids on food, with Klai I read the books and did everything like they told me. She was a fabulous eater, especially with vegetables. Now that this is my last child, I kinda am too busy to sit and feed the baby. Sad, I know, but REALITY is that when I sit to feed a baby and that takes 15 minutes…oh the CHAOS happens.  So at almost 7 months, Cora started solid foods. She was ok with it, not super excited about food like Rykel was as a baby!
  photo IMG_2193_zps0fd4023f.jpg 

I got really excited that she was liking the cereal and veggies, that I had to jump to meat, which is quite disgusting to smell and even think about eating. Well CORA felt the same way! She gagged…a lot!
 photo IMG_2206_zps4245feb7.jpg

And now that she likes fruits & veggies, she will be heard if you are not FAST enough. But she’s cute, so I guess its ok:)
/ photo IMG_2205_zpsca7d8832.jpg


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