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Crafts and Parties, it’s what I live for!

Feb 5, 2013 | Celebrate | 0 comments

As February rolls up, I get all crafty. For Pete’s sake I used to own a craft store. Anyways there is no better place to craft than with my mom. She sews ALL THE TIME or paints and just being around that crafting spirit inspires me. So with the help of Pinterest I made this awesome heart pillow and KISSING BOOTH!
 photo IMG_2230_zps8b8e4193.jpg  

This kissing booth cost me $2: Box was Free, $1 for the sparkle pink tissue paper and $1 for the heart plastic goody bags that I cut up and taped it on. It may be ghetto, but the kids don’t care and it makes for GREAT PICS! Just perfect for the upcoming V-Day party!
  photo IMG_2133_zps0622a7c8.jpg

Valentine thoughts and decorations. I am BIG on holidays. Growing up my family didn’t have TONS of money, but holidays were ALWAYS celebrated…mostly with hand made decorations and small gifts. I LOVED IT! And so I like to continue this tradition with my kids. I love Valentines, and I love my Valentine. Since he’s not here in Utah YET, I like to do many crafts with the kids so they don’t miss him.
So with a bunch of cut out hearts and crayons we started Valentine tradition #1: showing love towards our family. I had each kid write on a heart for each person in the family, what they love about that person! The big kids took this seriously and WENT TO WORK!

 photo IMG_2128_zps6ebfe9e4.jpg photo IMG_2131_zps3379654f.jpg

 photo IMG_2129_zpse5a189b3.jpg photo IMG_2130_zpsf776ab08.jpg

 photo IMG_2127_zps555d0b65.jpg photo IMG_2126_zps2df8d6b2.jpg

 photo IMG_2124_zpsab4fafff.jpg

After much dedication making so many hearts, we were unable to put them on the walls and do a heart attack, which I originally thought would be AWESOME! In our own home we will do that.

Now the next tradition I love is having a Valentine Party! Which I have done for many years, especially when I did Mommy/Happy Schools or with neighbor friends. So we got together with my HS friends and everyone’s kids and had an AWESOME PARTY! Mikell’s house was a perfect place and my big kids were big helpers.

A kissing booth was a must to bring, along with the cloth banner! I think the Moms had more fun taking the pictures than the kids did! My favorite is when we tried to get Braddock to kiss Miss Evee and she kept leaning away, but he got her! They will date one day…they will.

 photo IMG_2159_zpsa38a8252.jpg photo IMG_2151_zps017489b2.jpg

 photo 487914_10200104080916719_1884753446_n_zps9d00aab7.jpg  photo 526443_10200104077636637_945092355_n_zpse4a029ed.jpg  photo 538264_10200104085396831_1876260980_n_zps30c797cd.jpg  photo 557912_10200104090556960_1917442167_n_zps4ca57c56.jpg

The whole gang…wow I have A LOT of kids!
 photo 426615_10200104093437032_880132256_n_zpsa510bcdd.jpg 

Valentine Party turned our great. We decorated cereal boxes to make a Valentine exchange box. We had so many YUMMY goodies! The party was a success! 
   photo IMG_2170_zps09dd847e.jpg

And more than anything I love to CRAFT with kids, I don’t always have the patience for it, but I still love it. We did Iron-on shirts with crayons and sand paper…BOOM crafted! The kids loved it and so did I!
 photo IMG_2177_zpsab313fa6.jpg


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