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AZ pt4: Skatepark at Sunset

Feb 17, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

Natalie is a sky, sun, cloud fan. So since she moved to Arizona I have seen quite a bit of sunsets from her pics. But nothing can describe their luster till you experience it first hand. Thank you Nat for letting us enjoy Arizona life with you!

CORA &I enjoy the beautiful sunset colors. I rarely take pictures of myself, but I like this one of girlfriend and me! Shes super cute!
 photo 45280_10151430379663550_305667237_n_zps89e19297.jpg

You can see the beautiful sun coming through the trees, making this picture just perfect. Perfect to how I feel right now. Sometimes I get stuck staring at the fence to see the blessings that hide right behind it: my family, their talents, Gods creations and LIGHT. Life is good.
 photo 19804_10151436660043550_123639832_n_zps9d5753dd.jpg

The kids loved the skate park, tons of ramps and places to try out all the Jaseboards.
 photo 33-sk8prkKidshavingfun_zps724fea20.jpg

Of course every park has swings and we must ALWAYS swing. This is classic Wyatt, his pants are always falling down or his bum is showing at some point in the day. And that’s just who he is…a bum boy!

 photo 22-sk8prkwyattbumswing_zpsd8fc3c02.jpg

Cora sports the new Jaseboard threds!

 photo 20-sk8prkDadswingsCorawithHat_zps908924b9.jpg

Once again Klai flys off the swings. She should really join the circus!

 photo 21sk8prkKlaiflysoffswing_zps4367d74f.jpg

And once again the beautiful sun! Oh how amazing the sunsets are in Arizona, seriously breathtaking. I believe that God made beauty all around. Hawaii is amazing and its beauty is all its own…but the same goes for Arizona. God didn’t put an amazing ocean to beautify Arizona, but he gave it Sunsets. Just like he gave Utah majestic mountains with Fall colors, or he gave Alaska northern lights and so many other treasures I have yet to experience. All these creations especially sunsets that bring you just a bit closer to God. Thank you Heavenly Father for these moments.

 photo 16skateparkSunbeamthroughtrees_zpscee47d13.jpg


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