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New town, New Zoo, Old Friends

Feb 20, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

My friend says: You MUST visit the AZ zoo!
Well of course we go, 2 moms, 11 kids, 2 strollers, lots of snacks and Sunshine!

 photo 76-AZzooBennettsampGarners_zpsa13d9dad.jpg

We start our adventure in High Spirits. The Zoo is full of never ending awesome animals! Evee finds the Zebras first!
 photo 44-AZzooeveeseesZebra_zps00e0782f.jpg

Entering the Amazon area we stumble upon an awesome off road vehicle to snag & take a ride!

 photo 45-ZookidsGarnersampBennetts_zps8610871c.jpg

WE take a little break in the Shade by the Macaw, he was shy (the bird…not the humans!) Some of these kids even blend in with their surroundings.

 photo 46-Zooadventurekids_zpsc3b6a0f9.jpg

Us, Bennetts take a rest & snack break @ Club Silvestre…local hot spot in the AZ zoo!

 photo 47-AZzooBennetts_zps8591bc05.jpg

Rykel & Shae snag the bench by the Fruits & Juice (I think…?)

 photo 49-AZzooshaeRykel_zps4ccb804b.jpg

After just seeing the animals the kids wanted to Get our hands into REAL work

 photo 52-RykelShaemilkcowBEST_zps53a14947.jpg photo 53-Eveeunsureaboutmilkingcow_zps0d784e9c.jpg

Some felt it was a bit harder than they thought it would be.
Evee’s not quite sure what’s happening here…neither are we?!

We tried working the equipment & helping out.
 photo 56-Rykelontractorwheel_zps48719844.jpg photo 55-Tractorboys_zps9a7faefb.jpg

We even groomed the goats with our friends.
 photo 58-littlegirlsbrushgoats_zps016da9d6.jpg photo 57-kidspetgoat_zpsd38df7d5.jpg

 photo 60-eveepetsgoats_zps68c86512.jpg photo 59-stacipetsgoats_zps54764d4d.jpg

Our MOST FAVORITE PART…and I mean MY favorite part was the
 LITTLE PEOPLE Playground.
 photo 75-MeWyattLittlepeople_zps8cfcab0d.jpgNO body loves little people Like I do. I think I was more excited about this than anyone else! seriously My 

 photo 61-EveehugsLittlepeople_zpsd829a299.jpg

Some kids were definitely more thrilled than others. I know Evee had a blast. Her real own Little People LIFE SIZE (to her size anyways)! She ran around that playground area like a Pig in her Pigpen…or something much cuter and way excited to be there.

 photo 65-rykelhugslittlepeoplecow_zpsace97841.jpg photo 62-shaelittlepeopleonpumpkin_zps21369102.jpg photo 66-wyattoncow_zpsfed28c68.jpg

You can tell that Kenzie and Wyatt loved riding the cows. Shae pointed out the pumpkin, and it is just like the one we have at home. YES SIR SHAE!

 photo 63-littlepeopleEveeonhorse_zps0e668e7a.jpg photo 64-Shaeonlittlepeoplecow_zps7d9651b4.jpg
 photo 67-littlepeoplefarmKlai_zps3fee4530.jpg photo 68-klaialyssameLittlepeople_zps7b3f1493.jpg

We sure had fun with our friends. I know Klai loved playing with Alyssa. The boys enjoyed having Taft & Kenzie around, and of course Evee and Emily were bosom buddies from the start.
 photo 71-kidsonpeopleBETTER_zpsaca463bc.jpg

 photo 72-klailittlepeopleinside_zpsdf1c92ab.jpg photo 74-klaiAlyssalittlepeopletree_zps30271f6b.jpg

Getting my Horizontal Exercise in (seen Pitch Perfect lately?)

 photo 78-horizontalrunning_zps89ab5bfe.jpg
Well while visiting the AZ zoo; I ran a horizontal mile, we all had an uncomfortable tram ride with a boy that had to go REAL bad,  kids getting their toes and pants wet in the play area/stream, giggling over the Incredible Little People playground and leaving with only a few bonks…I must say this was quite an a Zoo Adventure! And we all survived:)


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