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Oh to parks we will go…

Mar 2, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

Life is not complete without Rusty by our side. We have loved having him here with us in Utah.
Utah lacks many things compared to Hawaii, but one thing they have LOTS of is PARKS! And we love finding all new parks all the time.

We first ventured out to the Grovecrest Elementary park. It is close and has all the basics that you need at a good park, including SWINGS! In Laie, we had to go to the BYUH TVA park to go swinging.
  photo IMG_2802_zps37572869.jpg    photo IMG_2516_zps396b4e53.jpg

Another GREAT park that is close is Discovery Park, or as the kids call it: Wood Park!
March started to warm up just a bit…and I mean 40 degrees, so obviously that means SHORTS to Shae. But To the Park we went anyways. 
   photo IMG_2576_zps15ffcab5.jpg 
 photo IMG_2630_zpse86e0405.jpg  photo IMG_2584_zpsb0006baf.jpg
I remember as a youngin growing up in Pleasant Grove when they built the Discovery Park. It is a great park for all ages. They have fun places for little kids to play at as well as young adults. The kids love playing tag, hide ‘n’ seek as well as your typical park activities.  

 photo IMG_2587_zps3c53a5ee.jpg 

When the big kids went back to school; Shae, Wyatt, Evee, Cora and I would often stop by this park to play before Shae went to Afternoon Kindergarten. 
  Of course we frequented the swings each time we come. 
  photo IMG_2873_zps48d717e7.jpg 
You can never get enough swing time! 
   photo IMG_2867_zps6ef61f94.jpg  photo IMG_2856_zps9ae3356a.jpg 

Oh how we love the parks!  


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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