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Tooth Fairy visits

Mar 8, 2013 | tooth fairy | 0 comments

March 6, 2013
This crazy girl loves to pull her teeth out. Once she feels that wiggly tooth….BAM! its out.  In Hawaii we had a tooth pillow that had a pocket and sadly when we moved, it got lost. SO Rykel decided to write the tooth fairy a note. It read:
“Dear the tooth fairy I want a pillow for my teeth that I loose and 2$ for my Mom and 1 dollar for my sis for helping me that is all I want. Please! Sincely Rykel A.L.L.Bennett. YES tooth fairy is so Awsome!”

Well with a note like that, I’m pretty sure she just couldn’t resist. Low and Behold the next morning, Rykel got her tooth Pillow and her money. This girl is pretty lucky! 

 photo rykeltoothpillowandnotetofairy_zpsb7f003ad.png


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