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Apr 23, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

 Some of the greatest memories are surprises. Jase and I couldn’t resist, setting up a good surprise for the kids. Jaseboards got scheduled for Idaho and so Jase decided he should go and do this one. We made some new friends, that offered to have us stay at their house……………………………………so BOOM! ROAD TRIP! 

We didn’t tell the kids anything, we packed the bags and car. The best thing about the stow&go van is the storage underneath the captain chairs. I love it…although I don’t love that it doesn’t seat all 8 of us comfortably. Either or, it has great secret abilities.

We loaded the kids in the car to go to school….we “accidentally” left their bookbags home! Then as we started to drive (not towards the school), they were confused. THEN BOOM! 
We’re going on a ROAD TRIP! TO…..IDAHO!
Their faces were priceless!

At our first stop, Cora decided she needed a front seat view! 

This first stop we were running on fumes as we pulled into Snowville (Idaho) gas station!

Funny thing about this road trip….the week before we decided to go SUGAR FREE! What were we thinking? Well we watched a lot of movies on eating, specifically: Forks over Knives. 
It was enlightening. So we explained to the kids that sugar was so bad for our bodies. I made a lot of healthy snack mixes for our road trip. 
As we got closer to Boise we stopped off at a nice town called Glenns Ferry. It was such a cute town with tons of wagon wheels and pioneer heritage.

We also found a nice place on the rivers edge to go fishing! 
The kids loved finding new creatures, fishes, and whatnot. 
I loved seeing Jase get so excited to fish! And share that love with the kids! 
But we couldn’t leave without a nice dip in the water! It started with Wyatt looking over the edge with Shae and Jase just sneeked up on him and grabbed him to dip into the water. Of course all the other kids wanted a “dip” too! 
What a fun start to our ROAD TRIP! 


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rach and jase cut

Rachel is a vlogger and stay-at-home mom! When she's not filming fun videos for the "Ohana Adventure" and the "Rach Bennett" channels, she is sharing amazing lifestyle, travel, parenting, and homeschool tips here on the blog.

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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