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Dillon Olsen’s Baptism

May 14, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Cousin Dillon Olsen got baptized. He being only a month younger than Rykel has become good friends with our kids…actually we love all the Olsen kids. Aunty Tammy & Uncle Steve are awesome cousins to have. Of course we came to their house in SLC to play after the baptism.

Dillon is in the middle with the black striped shirt, Tember is to the right in the purple shirt, Parker is far left…very tall, Itsy is behind him to the right and infront of Jase. A few other friends and of course our kids jumped in on this Trampoline action!

Miss Evee loves hanging out at the Olsens because all their kids take great care of her….especially giving her treats…you can even see a smudge of chocolate on her upper lip (looks like a massive mole).

And then there is Rykel, doing what no one else is doing….the POGOSTICK! Its quite hard, but very fun! She is always doing the different thing, new adventures and standing out.

Miss Evee is just getting the hang of jumping on the trampoline, her hair REALLY likes it!

I have always loved Aunty Tammy’s ability to make any space homey and inviting. I had to take a picture of her lovely backyard! 
These two girls are only a few months apart…but thanks to Klai’s filipino side and Tember’s VERY TALL Dad & uncles…they are feet apart in height, so crazy. But they play like best friends! 


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