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Dr. Seuss Carnival & The Lorax is the WINNER!

May 24, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

What Who can resist a Dr. Seuss school carnival! Last minute I was informed that this was a dress up thing, with a best costume contest. Well of course I had to dress up & dress up the kids. So in a morning we came up with some pretty awesome costumes…with just the randomness that circles my home. 

Ruby & Wyatt had to be Thing 1 & Thing 2, from “Cat in the Hat.”
With some leftover easter grass and blue fabric, I make shifted a hat for their fake hair. Red shirts & some labels & BOOM….THING 1 & THING 2.

Shae wanted to be Mr. Fox with blue socks on his hands, from “Fox in Socks.” I thought I was pretty creative with that one…although NOT as recognizeable, still fun & cool! 
Teddy was of course Mr. Brown, from “Mr. Brown can go Moo Moo.” A very simple costume, brown shirt, brown hat & a blue tie. 
Evee is Sam I am, from “Green Eggs & Ham.” Her had was harder than expected, but it stood pretty high with a slight slouch in it, thanks to staples and paper stuffing. Accessorized with a bracelet plate of Green Eggs & Ham! 

 My most simplest costume OF COURSE WON the costume contest. Not VERY many people actually dressed up…so the competition was slim. There was a lot of cat in the hats & thing 1 & thing 2s…but NO ONE ELSE dressed up as THE LORAX. Rykel was the bomb! I turned a Daddy Orange T-Shirt inside out and cut some Yellow Mustaches and eyebrows out of babysoft fabric that grandma had. With some awesome packing tape, those things stayed on a long time! And Rykel won her very own stuffed Cat in the Hat toy! She was elated, she loves stuffed things.

Needless to say those few hours in the morning cutting out random costume accessories and sewing a few hats, really paid off. I love that my kids love to dress up like I love to dress up!


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