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Couches, cuddles & hats

Jul 11, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

After Moving in we realized how little we had and I started shopping…the yard sale sites & yard sales. I found 90% of our furniture used. I love to do it so cheap…but it was quite hard to find good couches or a bed. Luckily the summer is FILLED with great summer holiday deals! Jase found these great couches on sale at an overstock type store in Utah County….and I LOVE THEM! 
After having our Daddy gone for a week or so, we LOVE spending a whole day just cuddling him when he gets back! 
Then there’s this guy….I think he likes the new home!
These two cheesers are too cute. This lovely blue table was once my parents & I was once that little girl sitting at the table at a young age. My mom gave it to Nikki & she gave it to me.
  I love it so much!
I love having a piece of my childhood here in my home for my kids. I love that they enjoy sitting at it and eating snacks or lunch or playing their little toys on it. We actually used this table for a couple months while I looked for a table to refinish.
And sometimes the cute little ones just want to sit on the floor and eat! Or play with their cheerios. 

To finish off this random post about crazy things that happen everyday….these two lovelies and the hats they find when we unpack! Nobody is cooler than Klai & nobody is sweeter than Evee.


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