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Old = having a child in double digits

Jul 30, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

Klai turned 10! 
This was a non-party year, we did an outing with friends. Thanks to the Pass of all Passes, our outing was 7 peaks! Nothing more exciting than a water park with your friends.
We went VERY simple this year: hand written party invites! Even with old-school invites all of the friends she invited came. She has made some good friends in good old PG!
We had plenty of snacks & food for this pre-tween growing group!
They had a blast with each other, going on all the crazy slides & wave pool & even the little kiddie slides! I’m pretty sure it was the best 3 hour birthday celebration Klai has had! A very simple one for me too….I’m beginning to like this non-party party!
All the other kids enjoyed themselves as well! Cute little minions running around with a Humongous tube….AAAHHH YES! 
My first born is growing up on me. Ten years old & making good friends. 
10 wonderful things about Klai: 
1) Makes friends EASY – she brings notebooks to school & gets peoples phone numbers & emails.
2) She welcomes play with anyone, any sporty, crafty, musical, nerdy, popular, person…she plays with everyone!
3) Her many talents include: singing, soccer, coordination in dance & gymnastics, & art.
4) She is great home helper, she is becoming quite good at many home chores.
5) She loves to take care of her little sisters.
6) She can wrestle with the best of them.
7) She is filled with light.
8) She loves sharing her testimony about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
9) She loves reading the scriptures.
10) She is a daughter of God.
They even remembered how to make a shaka, its a win-win relationship….they come party with us, we teach them a bit of Hawaii culture!
Happy birthday my sweet Klai! You are one-in-a-million!


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