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Wyatt’s Minion Party!

Aug 17, 2013 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 0 comments

After seeing Despicable 2, Wyatt HAD to have a Minion Party! 
We started with a great cake. A square & a round cake, with a little frosting…BOOM Minion cake! 
(2 box cakes $2, frosting $1 = $3)
A few fun signs for our party guests to see upon arrival.
($1 bright poster board)
My easiest pinata, Evil Minion.
($2 spray paint, $4 candy = $6)
A fun space box & design on posterboard, add a dowel & some rocks = awesome game!
(box & coloring stuff FREE)
 The snack table was set with lots of Yellow & Blue goodies and of course Cookie Robots!
(laffy taffy 10/$1, yellow sours $2/lb, blue tootsies $2, cookies FREE = $5)
 Upon arrival all kids decorated a goody bag like a mini minion of themselves. 
Wyatt turned 4 last year while we still lived in Hawaii, but life was so hectic we didn’t do his BIG 4 yr old party! So this year we wanted him to have the biggest party as possible, so Wyatt invited as many friends as he knew.
All the kids are excited to start this party.
The kids loved the fun games of alien shootout.
 We also had attack the evil minions! Kyle Pierce loved this game.
Photobooths are my favorite thing & this Box of Shame was a HUGE hit with all the kids. Even after the party all our kids played in that box for a week till it got destroyed. 
(Box from Jaseboards FREE)
Teddy & Shae, Rykel & Klai, Kiel & Stockton
 Wyatt & Ruby, Wyatt & Alex
 Deakin & Carson C, Carson A & Tanner A
 Evee & Ruby, Bryson & Trevor
The cake was well loved & Lu got to eat the EYE! 
Squid dogs & a few take home goodies. Behind the squid dogs a Water Squid Launcher for the boys & Ballet skirts for the girls. 
(Squid dogs $1, fruit tray $3, Squid Launchers $10, Ballet skirts $4 = $18)
 This crew were happy campers!
A few pics of Wyatts favorite gifts: 
 THESE FACES made it all so worth it. And Wyatt is worth every bit of effort. 
(Over the Top Minion Party Total Cost = $34)


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