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Wilcox Visit

Sep 30, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

We love it when family comes to visit. We were super excited to have the Wilcox family come, we first got to visit with everyone at Grandmas. 
These 3 lovelies were all both around the same month. So fun to see the cousin differences…of course lil Jarom is MUCH browner than the girls. 
Aunty Nikki came and stayed with us for almost a week. We loved every minute of it! With 14 kids in the house, we played LOTS of games outside….LOTS! It was getting brisk, but still fun to be outside. 
We had many races; bunny hops, crab walks, running and anything else we could think of. 
Everyone had a blast! 
On the cooler days, we hung out downstairs running a muck with all the little toys! Gabby was the perfect little mommy helper! Cora and Esther were inseparable. 
Evee and Ruth were always stuck together. They especially loved that it snowed and they got to build a snowman! 
Klai and Gabby were best buddies once again.
 This cold FHE night we drove up the mountain to have a nice picnic dinner….its was FREEZING! 
Add a few more kids and a few more kids….
Then we finally got them all…..except 1 runaway child. 
It was a happy cold evening. Love hanging out with family.


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