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Halloween Party! Wreck-It Ralph STYLE!!!

Oct 28, 2013 | Celebrate, Halloween | 0 comments

So after realizing that the elementary school doesn’t have a halloween parade or anything for their costumes and also our Ward activity this year did not include dressing up….we decided to throw a party!

I’ve been wanting to do a party to get to know more people in the area and make friends…but now I have a GREAT excuse and who doesn’t love dressing up?!

So Sunday we decided, invites went out Monday and Party was on Friday night! Even though we had a late start for prep, it turned out pretty well.

I made a prison height backdrop for pictures.
Games played: Mummy wrap race, costume contest, pumpkin weight contest and guess the candy contest.
Kids watched a movie downstairs!
While adults played the jibberish game and had a lip sync off! It was an awesome party!

Here’s a few of those that attended the PARTY!

Callie Bingham all mummy wrapped up! The Delorey Family top Right with their fun costumes.

Aunas (bottom left) posing like rock stars!

Klai with Carissa Binghma to the right of her and Sidney Anderson in the domino costume!

Even some of the larger families in the neighborhood (Huckleberry) came and dressed up!
Charchenko family in the top picture & the Bingham family in the bottom!

And of course some were more into the pictures than others! I love how Ben Maynard is rocking his British Rocker costume with his fun wife Becky and their kids.  (top left)

Greg & Megan Jacobsen as Captain Hook & Wendy. He won our Costume Contest, he won a Jaseboard!

And of course the Phillips family, Becky was a riot in her cow costume as she played Jibberish!

Some Awesome costumes came through our house this night!

Top Left was the Dyer family, Rose was dressed up as a MOM in every sense of the occupation, so creative!

Bottom Left was the Wallace Family, they are always a hoot! Jacki was a Whoopi Cushion and of course they had a few super heroes.

Right side is the Boone Family, Mad scientist, Elmo all grown up and their cute munchkins!

The Cabrals (left side) were Lucy, Hippy man and lovely princesses. The Dyer kids (top right) that were being sneaky and I didn’t catch in their first picture. 

The incognito husbands of Phillips and Anderson that were being….husbands? (middle right)

And of course the heroes of the party! (bottom right, wallace boys)

And We had to get a WHOLE family pic of our Wreck-It Ralph family. We really had a blast at the party! I’m glad we threw it, and got to know lots more families in the area…I sure am loving Heber & ites people! 


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