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Cora memes (16 months)

Nov 15, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Cora is growing so big and lovely. She is such a doll. I think because she doesn’t smile at everything all the time, and you have to work for a good smile and giggle….it makes them that much more special! We love our little Cora.

She definitely adores her daddy. I’m pretty sure she prefers him to Mom. And of course she looks so precious in her Beanie!

And I can’t help but kiss her sweet cheeks, and she isn’t even phased by it cause I do it so much! 
Cora is full of personality and she lets you know when she means business! 
Again ONLY Daddy can make her giggle! 
That One time that Jacki Wallace babysat her and painted her toe nails. I LOVED IT! it just makes her that much cuter!
When babies have babies! This actually makes me sad, cause this is my baby and she’s growing up. 
And this month she learned to blow kiss and give WET slobbery kisses! 
Everyone loves kisses from this sweetheart! 


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