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Christmas Decor

Dec 3, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Everyone loves to decorate for Christmas. Well we do too! Funny thing when we moved from Hawaii 3-4 out of the 14 boxes we moved with were Christmas decor. Now I didn’t bring the lame-o stuff that you can rebuy, most of these things were homemade or VERY sentimental or Little People nativities! So they made the cut. 
Here are just a few things that were in our living room to make it feel more Christmassy! LOVE the tiny tree I found at a yard sale! 
Then our friend Elfie arrived and brought many of her friends with her! Ahh friends from Christmas town, I love these friends! 
Here’s a closer look at our wonderful decor! I like to call my style crafty, county, chic!
This lovely sign my neighbor let me borrow, LOVE IT! 
Because more than santa, elves, presents and treats we BELIEVE that this season is about the blessings that Jesus Christ was born! And We believe that He lives too! 


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