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Shae-Man turns 7!

Dec 7, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

 Our Shae is very special. He is 7 today! Happy Pearl Harbor day my 1st son!
He is wonderful, patient, loving, giving, creative, excellent reader & motivated.

On your special day in the Bennett house you get to go to Breakfast with Dad or Mom and then have your special cereal for breakfast. So when Shae and Dad got back from their breakfast outing we attacked him with his presents. And as you can tell Shae is a hugger!

He hugged everyone showing how much he appreciates their thoughts for him!

The best is when he picked up the big girls, but I think I missed the picture op! 

One more pic of this awesome shot, Shae and Dad. So special! Jase really loves his kids and I adore him for that. He really bonds with them and loves them eternally.
Families are Forever!

Thanks Shae for being part of this family, you make it awesome!


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