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Monster University Party

Dec 13, 2013 | Family Life | 0 comments

Shae-man just turned 7 and is already to attend university! THAT’S right…..Monster’s University!

He was super excited to pick this theme, with so many fun activities to do, I was excited too!

Shae made sure we did the Scare games! And OH WE DID!   Party prep was more than fun!

When the kids came, we decorated Monster Masks, you’ll see them on in the last pic of the post:)

I made penants for MU and for the Ooozma Kappa!

Kids were more than excited to choose who they wanted to represent…in the SCARE GAMES!

Sadly I didn’t have any pictures of the scare games, I was too involved in the fun!

Toxicity Challenge: The crawled on the floor with duct tape taped around them trying NOT to get stung by the stinging urchins! (yarn balls)

Librarian Challenge: SSHHHH sneak passed the librarian. Mom (librarian) went upstairs while everyone hid downstairs. When Mom comes back downstairs she stands in the hall that blocks the door to the stairs. The monsters have to get upstairs without mom catching them.

The Scare Similator: sneak up on the sleeping child and scare them! This is where we put the pinata (mike wizowski) on the bed and the monsters snuck up, jumped and growled and then beat the pinata with a bat. It was quite scary to watch!

We did play some pin the eye on Mike Wizowski too. The kids loved the games! We gave them their scare diplomas and then ate cake & opened gifts!

Shae gots some great gifts and gave even greater hugs! He really had tons of fun with all the friends that came!

THESE monsters are DONE! And this monster mom is TIRED!


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