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Santa Cruz Road Trip Date…..NO KIDS

Dec 16, 2013 | Travel, USA | 0 comments

Who are these people? Oh yeah they were once a couple before kids! Well this day we were a road tripping couple once again…without kids! Hallelujah! 
Jase surprised me this lovely December morning with a trip to Santa Cruz, only for a few days, but still….JUST US! 

 We just can’t kiss….because NOW we can kiss without the “EEEWWW mom, STOP IT!” or the “GET A ROOM” comments (by the way, where did she learn that comment?)

Jase worked a show there in the Santa Cruz costco till his rep could come in. So while Jase worked I got to explore the Santa Cruz Wharf! From the hotel I walked under this lovely bridge and Of course I took a SELFIE…..what self-respecting mom who has ten minutes alone DOESN’T do this?!!

I stumbled upon the Santa Cruz Aquarium. Free admission on Fridays, YES YES I will go there and learn things. 
I learned…..a lot about seals and fish and WHY aren’t my kids here learning about this. I was done in 15 minutes….WOW that was fast! 

Then down to the Wharf to see the loveliness there! AAHHH Palm Trees, my long lost friends.

That sun is WONDERFUL! I love living in a place that has 4 seasons, but sometimes I really MISS the SUN season. Living in the mountains the Sun can be hidden for days.

I absolutely LOVED that the benches along the Wharf were dedicated to loved ones that had passed on. I really enjoyed this on: “she dwelt in possibility.” Do I dwell in possibility? I should more!

Ahh the boardwalk….at 10AM is destitute. YES no one is there and NOTHING is open. How crazy is that. It was still lovely. Although I would have had more to do if I came in the afternoon.

And look at that sun again, gazing upon my friend the palm tree. That water looked so inviting….considering it was only 40 degrees outside, the invitation was denied.

After a nice walk down the boardwalk and the wharf, I began to explore on the way back to the hotel. This LOVELY early 1900’s house was just breathtaking! AND it was a bed and breakfast, ONE DAY I will go to it!

After a long morning of exploration….I went back to the hotel and took a nap. YEAH! NAP TIME FOR THE MOMMA! so much time on my hands….what to do?!

After a while of boredom, Jase picked me up and after Costco closed we went to a date! BOOM a date within a date! Of course we make funny faces because only respectable adults who absolutely adore each other make silly faces when everyone is watching!

The rest of the trip I hung out with Jase at Costco and tried EVERY tester imagineable. I even sold a few boards for Jaseboards. We got some lovely visitors…..NIKKI & her fam came. These kids are hilarious and they are awesome to be around. We hung out in the book isle because the excitement was overwhelming!

Our last day on our trip was Sunday. So we found the closest Church. I love that we can find a place of peace no matter where ever we go. And it was lovely to be there and feel that. 
 Our last adventure on this short trip was a quick trip to the Redwoods. NOW these weren’t the REALLY BIG redwoods, but none the less they were redwoods anyways. Jase had never been there, so he was more than excited to squeeze in between these GIANT trees. 
We vowed that we would return and SEE the REAL giants of the redwood forest WITH THE KIDS! 
It’s amazing how much we talk about the kids even when we plan trips to be without them. We love them so much! 

After this quick trip to Santa Cruz, it gave me a perspective on my life, my attitude and my appreciation for my life. I trully believe that in order to be a good mom, you have to take care of yourself. Over the years I find myself lost in the world of PTA meetings, Birthday parties, school schedules & meal planning. I neglect my personal wellness and in turn end up being a so-so mom. This quick little trip I have fully enjoyed getting to know me, hubby and our relationship better.

Thanks my handsome man for taking me away from life so I can be a better me. I love you!


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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