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4 Boredom Busters in Winter
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4 Boredom Busters in Winter 

When we first moved to Utah, we went a little crazy in the New Year winter months….cooped up in the house makes us VERY stir crazy! That first year (2013 cold Spring) I found the 7 Peaks Passes, and that pass allows us to visit the “Sticky Foot” theater in AF and Trafalga play centers for FREE. Everyone loves free, especially ME…and my 6 kids.

Boredom Buster in Winter #1


So in the Winter months, we go to a lot of

free movies

and trafalga to get our wiggles out!

This time we packed the theater with just us & watched; “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.”

Boredom Buster in Winter #2:

Attack Daddy

at all times….sleeping or not!

find someone to serve. Its good for the soul!

In turn a little service gave me Ferrero Rocher….MY FAVORITE TREAT!

Boredom Buster in Winter #4:

Play with the Children

We buy them toys & toys and toys, but we wonder why they won’t play with them for long periods of time?! They just want to play with us. I know that this is something I tell myself quite often, but I rarely sit down and do it. But when I do, THEY love every moment of it. They love to be with me, they love to play together, they love it! And I love it too.

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