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January kid shenanigans 

Of course Cora got a lot of pic time, with all the kids at school….we love to have loads of fun goofing off!

Miss Cora loves Rusty….and Rusty is so gentle with her. When she’s around him, she makes this funny scrunched face! What a hoot this little girl is.

The best thing about being home with these two is watching all the fun that they have together. Evee loves to dress up Cora and play all sorts of pretend. 

Cora loves her Daddy most of all! She wrestles with him just like the rest of the kids. And nobody loves kisses from Daddy like Cora! 

 And when Klai & Rykel comes home, they like to dress up Cora is all sorts of outfits. I’m pretty sure Cora was going to star as the next Grettle in Sounds of music.

Rykel got excited when she got Cora into this lovely outfit, fit for a Newsie!  
 But there is no where she’d rather be than cuddling her Rusty! 

And sometimes amongst the craziness of life, there are chosen moments that are priceless! 

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