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Pinterest Project ACCOMPLISHED! 

I needed some storage in our basement for all our toys & I knew Pinterest would have great ideas! Well I found one that perfect for our space. Here is the pinterest idea. 
I searched for thick foam and found that Home Depot sold Foam mats that were the perfect thickness and the whole mat was only $20. I bought 2 for the 2 benches. Compared to Joann’s prices at $80-$100 for both benches, I found a killer deal! 

I trimmed the foam to fit the mdf board with an electric hand meat slicer. Cut like butter.

I then purchased some canvas at a Home decor fabric store totally $35. 

I centered the fabric over the foam and then the foam on the board, flipped it over and stapled it down to the board. 
Set the board on top of the Ikea bookshelf turned down and Voila, a Bench seat. 

This fabulous Seat turned out quite wonderfully. Here is the Link for the blog that I followed and her DIY: IHeartOrganization

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