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Surprise DISNEYLAND! Day 1 – First half

Surprise DISNEYLAND! Day 1 – First half 

We got up in the morning and told the kids we were walking over the freeway ramp, as we came over the kids could see the back of some of the rides. Klai pointed out that she could see It’s a Small World, which is so crazy because its been 4 years since she’s been here.

And right when walking in, we saw another ALOHA shirt friend. Right before going into the gate, we also met up with Grandpa & Grandma. With a bit of convincing they decided to take the drive, they helped out with getting us a bit cheaper tickets with their military discount and inturn we helped them out with the hotel situation. A good trade & we got to spend time with them on vacation!

We then met up with Dad at AstroBlasters & hunted down the Evil Emperor Zurg!  

I think Evee was a bit unsure about what she was doing! 

Then Darth Vader emerged with Darth Mal & they wanted a FIGHT!

The girls fought Darth Mal, I’m sure they won. 

Vader left in defeat. 

Her excitement is why we do these things. It’s so magical to her & that makes us all happy. 

After Dad took them, he got the rider switch pass, so I took the boys back on again to go with me. I love these faces. 

We had a great morning, but decided to head over to California Adventure. On our way back to the main gate we saw MY favorite people: Mary Poppins & Bert! I love them!

And sometimes to get a good shot with some character friends, You have to walk with them.

Here’s Donald duck:

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