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LDS General Conference
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LDS General Conference 

Again what a wonderful opportunity we have to enjoy our General Conference with our girls. Even if it was just for myself, I know that I learn so much from the Prophet and his apostles & disciples.  But to be able to share that special spirit and feeling that you have in the presence of the Lord’s Prophet with my children is so overwhelmingly wonderful!

My and my other beautiful girl.

Well since we were there, then who is with our littles. Our wonderful cousin, Stacey watches them for 1 conference of the day & then I stay with them and she gets to go to the other session. Its a wonderful trade. 

And this is what they do……

Run a muck in the elevator? 

This pic was actually taken during the Priesthood session when all the kids were at Tutu’s apartment. We had a reverence contest, who could sit the longest being the most quiet. Miss EVEE totally won & she got a big treat for that!

 Well here we all our in the Conference Center, as a family. What a truly excellent time.

I can’t wait to bring all the kids, someday.

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