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Meet the Mormons
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Meet the Mormons 

We had an amazing opportunity to go and see “Meet the Mormons” at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 

Spring was on the edge of coming and some of the beautiful trees on Temple Square had just begun to blossom. New Life, New Beginnings and what a wonderful example than to be next to the LDS Mormon Temple where as members we’re allowed to visit and take part of wonderful covenants and blessings there. 

 I love these kids!

We got there early, I was a bit nervous that the little girls…especially Cora would be too wiggly to sit nice and quietly through it. We found Grandpa & Tutu and snuggled in. 

We also took a quick pic with David Archuletta who wrote & sang one of the songs for the movie. He had just arrived home from a 2 year mission serving as a representative of Jesus Christ.

What a wonderful night, filled with the light of Jesus Christ and wonderful people. 

Thanks to Grandpa and Tutu for inviting us. 

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