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7 activities for Royal Preparation Academy Party and BONUS!
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7 activities for Royal Preparation Academy Party and BONUS! 


For our Princess Preparation Academy training we begin with 

#1 Proper Greetings:

Princes: “Good day Princess,” with a


Princesses: “How do you do?” with a


#2 Cinderella Test

had 2 games. 


: Walk in Cinderella’s Shoes or Balance Book like a princess. I love their concentrating faces!



game was help Cinderella find her missing slipper. Everyone loved this game. 

#3 Prince Charming Test

of bravery and etiquette: walking with the Jousting stick while balancing on the beam.

 Of course Prince Charming did this!

I love how sweet and innocent these little girls are!

#5 Snow White TEST:

Who’s the

Fairest One or Strongest One

of ALL?!

-A simple as this game was, they loved looking at their pretty self in the mirror & I would tell them THEY were the fairest! or They were the Strongest One of All!

Light snacks: Veggie Tray with Dip, Grapes and a cookie.

Blowing out the Candles is MOST important!

After Cake, Open Present Time! Sometimes I feel weird having my kid open gifts in front of other kids, but I have found that the kids LOVE to see their friends open their gifts! And it ended up true, no 4 year old was bummed.

Check my DIY dragon Pinata

These little 4 yr olds were more than excited to BEAT the BEAST!

I like to make my pinatas tough enough so I can BUST THEM OPEN! 

It is my TRIUMPH!!

PHEW Royal Preparation Academy Party COMPLETE!

Royal Party Setup & Cost

to find out how I spent LESS THAN $20 for this Celebration!

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