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Happy School wrap up
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Happy School wrap up 

Preschool is my favorite thing to teach. The kids are eager to learn & love to do crafts & go on adventures…everything that I love to do too! 

I have had the wonderful chance to do a Mommy-Preschool for all my kids but 1. Each year we have loved getting together with other moms of kids the same age 3-4 & setting up our own curriculum based on the letters & giving each Mom a chance to teach their own way. 

Happy School goes something like this:

2 days a week (tues/thurs) for 2 hours (9-11am). 

The time usually goes like this: OPEN with singing Happy School song, I like to have them sit on a pillow or rug square in a circle. Teach Letter with books/crafts/adventures. Break around halfway for  play/run time. Snack after playtime & finish up time with crafts/books/more singing/dance party time. 


 Each mom teaches a letter for that week & emphasize the shape & color (or Building Character such as; honesty, helpfulness, etc for the month). Every 4 letters we would have a review week & attach a fun field trip or park day that week.

Fun Field Trips:

 We try to have fun adventures on review weeks or during holiday times. We visited Hee Haw Pumpkin Patch, Heber Creeper Train Station, Duck Pond in Midway & a few Park days. We also had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines & Easter small parties during the year. 

The kids absolutely LOVE Happy School! 

The name Happy School came from doing preschool with Ambrose & Steph R, Adelaide & Echo A, Eden & Matti P, and Ivy & Ashley M. 

(Happy School 1st Generation)

This year we made new friends & new Mom friends too. 

Deakin & Brittany C

Ryker & Leslie A

Carson & Emilee A

London & Becky J

Annabelle & Becky P

Abbie & Marcie R

Julie & Elisa B

The friendships that grow are wonderful. I hope that they will continue with these friends through the years….I know a few happy school friendships that are still alive!

 My little Evee so small, but so darling. This year has been great. I can’t wait for next year…..Alphabet Adventures, I’m really excited!

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