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HOW TO: make a Dragon Pinata
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HOW TO: make a Dragon Pinata 

**NOTE** It took me 5 days to complete (this was my most elaborate pinata yet)**

For her Princess prep academy I was a little stumped on what kind of pinata to make. I learned far away from doing a princess, so I decided upon a villan. Of course I shall do a DRAGON, Maleficent the dragon.


Here are the pics I found online & on pinterest.



To Make a Pinata

Materials needed:

Balloon (large)

LOTS of newspaper





(excellent Youtube on Pinata making)

1) Mix 1 cup flour to 1.5 cups warm water. Whisk to have a pancake batter consistency.

I found that runnier consistency will make the pinata weaker and you’ll have to do more layers before painting.

2) Cut newspaper into strips, about 1-2″ wide strips.

Techniques to adding dimension/heads/shapes:

I watched the


 to see how they shaped heads and tails & their technique.

Materials needed:

masking tape

pipe cleaners – claws & wings


flour batter


: cut open the dried newspaper face, add more newspaper inside & right outside mouth to shape mouth.


: I shaped two small cone shapes then taped them together, add a few more layers of full newspaper wrapping it FLAT. Then add more newspaper flour plaster.


I rolled lots of newspaper, twisting the ends to make them thiner to shape a point. Taped them to top of head & added plaster/newspaper to secure.


1) On a sheet of newspaper lay out full size pipe cleaners, gathering one end together & fanning out the other side. Add flour plaster to the whole sheet of newspaper & on the pipe cleaners. Then add another sheet of newspaper, press together. Fold down end of newspaper where the pipes are fanned out to give a small wave affect. Dry propped up in a bowl.                                                                                                              2) When dry cut a slit into side of dragon, insert the gathered pipe cleaner side into cut slit. Secure by taping. Then finish with newspaper/flour plaster


1) Scrunch large sheets of newspaper, then roll into a cylinder shape, twisting the end to make a point. Secure with masking tape….LOTS of tape! Cover with newspaper strip/flour plaster.


Dragon about to get smashed…with all that work I kinda don’t want it to die! oh well…..its all for the birthday girl!

After all the kids attacked the pinata, I get to smash it through…this is why I like to add more layers, so I get a chance to demolish it!

BOOM Maleficent the dragon is Dead! Let us eat candy!

Dragon Pinata

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