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Setup & Cost of a Royal Party!
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Setup & Cost of a Royal Party! 

My Evee is very much a PRINCESS and when prepping her big ole 4-year-old bash…it had to involve some kind of princess! Instead of just 1 princess theme, we went with a WHOLE slew of princesses…and ACADEMY of Princesses…A Royal Preparation Academy! She loved it! 

Here is where I found my DIYs for the

Accordion Rosettes

& the

Tissue Paper pompoms


(Cost: Using tissue paper from received gifts, old construction paper for rosettes = FREE)

I am not a cake maker, but luckily I know a great person who is. I made 2 sets of round cakes, then iced them in a thicker buttercream frosting. Adding a million sugar pearls, made a lovely design. The crown we shaped out of a waffle bowl and frosted that too. It was quite yummy!

(Cost: 2 box cake, food coloring, homemade frosting – all items from pantry = FREE)

Of course the Pinata had to be Maleficent the Dragon! 

Here is my



(Cost: $2.50 masking tape, $2.50 paint, Candy – FREE, we used extra Easter Candy they got from an awesome Easter hunt! Newspaper – Free. TOTAL COST = $5)

PDF download for decor labels

Ariels Dinglehoppers & thingamabobs.

Snow White’s Who’s the Fairest of them all?

Lovely Mirror

Chalk Entrance

(Total Cost for decor, invites, pinata, & accessories = $10.33)

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