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DIY Pumpkins to Cookies
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DIY Pumpkins to Cookies 

I found out how to do this a couple of years ago and have been doing it ever since. I love Pumpkin baked goodies, but don’t like to buy the puree cans at whatever price it is….and I don’t like food to go to waste.

Cut up into Big chunks

I clean the pumpkin & then I cut off any bits that may look even the slightest discolored. If the skin is scarred I don’t worry because we’ll be slicing that part off.

C) Microwave steam

1 – Put big chunks of pumpkin in Big glass bowl.

2 – Add two inches of water

3 – cover & cook for 20-25 minutes.

Fourth: Measure out & Freeze/Use

I measure out 4 cup increments & put in Quart Freezer bag, label & freeze.

4 cups = Large can of pumpkin (28-32oz)

1 med/large pumpkin made ABOUT 5 cups of puree

Less detailed instructions:

1) Carve & Cut into big chunks

2) Steam/Cook

-bake: 400 degrees 45-60 minutes

-microwave: cover, add water 20-25 minutes

-Boil/Steam: cover, add water 15-20 minutes

3) Slice skin off & Blend

(let sit to seep water out)

4) Measure & Freeze/Use

Turn Pumpkin into Cookies

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