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Maleficent DIY: headpiece, Costume, staff
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Maleficent DIY: headpiece, Costume, staff 

For months I have been planning my

Maleficent costume

. I was actually inspired when I did Evee’s Princess party & I made the Maleficent dragon for her Pinata, see



I love to do things cheap

& making things with my hands is super fun! 


Newspaper (lots)

Masking Tape (maybe 2 rolls)

Paper Mache Materials : 1/3 cup flour, 2/3 cup flour, shredded newspaper, & balloon.

Hot Glue & Glue Gun

Black Spray Paint

1 yard of Black material (shiny or vinyl leather)

I started

as if I would a


. I blew up a balloon & began doing the paper mache layers. I followed this

DIY youtube

, she’s quite good.

I shaped horns out of newspaper & tape….lots of tape. Jase helped in this department, apparently I don’t know how to shape horns very well.

Using HOT glue I added a little bit of decoration to the head piece.  I also added hot glue to the ends of the horns.

 Spray paint black.

I added fabric to the sides of the headpiece. I left it to hang a bit, so I can tuck my hair up in it & pin it in back.

I think it turned out well. 

What do you think?




Old black robe or Cap & Gown from D.I. or Black Sheet

Long Black Dress

Instructions: I altered the cap & Gown. I cut off the collar & slit open the arm slots. I then sewed the edge of the collar under to make a more simple collar hem. I sewed the arm slots just at where the hands would be, leaving the material draping down.

I wore a straight black dress underneath.

 Cut fabric (used from headpiece) slightly bigger than cardboard.

Hot glue down.

Tuck shoulder accents into the collar of cape & secure with safety pins!

Magic Staff


Wrapping Paper Tube, maybe 2 if small

Plastic easter egg

Acrylic paint: blue, orange, green, yellow


Masking Tape

Old Brown Tights (hot glue & gun) OR brown spray paint

Bend to shape paper tube to resemble a wood staff. Tape bent areas to be more secure.

Wrap newspaper around tube to give it texture & thickness, tape securely.

 Paint Easter Egg Blue. Then add different colors for accents

Now Your whole costume is complete!

Material for Headpiece – $1.50

Headpiece: newspaper & hot glue – FREE

Black Spray Paint – $1

Cardboard – free

Dress – from my closet

Staff: egg, newspaper, wrapping tube, tape & old tights – ON hand FREE

TOTAL COST = $8.50

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  1. Rach

    That last pic makes me look very pale…I guess that's perfect for her!

  2. Kristen

    This is so great. You are a genius!

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