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Orange Rhino: Yell Less LOVE More; GIVEAWAY!

I stumbled upon

The Orange Rhino

last year early summertime. We had just moved to Utah from Hawaii and we were living in my parents basement with our 6 kids, in 2 bedrooms. With my father sick waiting for his Kidney transplant, kids being cooped up inside all day, and stress of finding a home or our own....it is needless to say I NEEDED the Orange Rhino.  I followed her blog and


statuses and was finding her tips and experience quite helpful.

Following The Orange Rhino off and on for a year has really given me a running start at what to expect from her book.

But when I opened the Book I was BLOWN AWAY!

I have really enjoyed getting to know her better, through her book. With a family full of boys, I know that she can relate to my crazy life with 6 kids. What a relief it was to read a book from a mom that understood my life. I, too, like the Orange Rhino had trouble admitting to my yelling self and needed to find hope and an example to follow...so I could overcome this horrible habit.

The book is sectioned into chapters, which are then divided into days to help you along the journey into becoming a Orange Rhino.  Days are filled with Tips, the Yelling Meter, Revelations and Reminders.

I love the Yelling Meter. I felt that I had to go Cold Turkey and be completely soft spoken and never yell again. I love that there are OK levels to raise your voice and of course GOOD times to help stop Danger.

The Orange Rhino Site

. Learn more about how you can become an Orange Rhino. Order her Book


. Find your own Orange Rhino products


to be a reminder to you. Find strength in her




 Follow her

blog tour

and see what other people are saying about Orange Rhino.

Take the Orange Rhino



Let me know if you start the Challenge and how its going for you.


We're celebrating the Launch of The Orange Rhino Book!

Sheila is giving away some goodies to my readers.

An Autographed book

A goody bag

A Key Chain

Enter BELOW! And go BUY Her book!

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    18 comments on “Orange Rhino: Yell Less LOVE More; GIVEAWAY!”

    1. i am not really a consistent yeller. i don't think i yell that much. but i do have explosive moments. i can go for a while and then it just spills out. does the book talk about that? i would love to learn more. i love reading and learning more on parenting. and i miss our parenting nights.

    2. dinner time is the hardest. and also the last five minutes before the bus comes in the morning and the kids are just messing about.

    3. I love parenting books! So far I only have one child who's too young to have a reason to yell at. But when the time comes, I'd love to read and participate in this for when in need. It sounds awesome!

    4. I pinned the first photo on this blog, the book cover. My username on Pinterest is jocelyngacilan 🙂

    5. I don't have reasons to yell quite yet, as my daughter is still under 1. I would love to learn about how I can prevent yelling in the future!

    6. Bed time is the hardest time for me but I have tried to not be so stressed about having them asleep at a certain times if they are tired it is their fault for staying up! My Gabe moves like cold tar so that pushes my buttons when we are in a hurry! I try not to yell but don't we all!

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