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TBT (throw back thursday) Halloween through the years
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TBT (throw back thursday) Halloween through the years 

I love a good Throw Back, bringing up fun memories and having a good laugh at times! 

Well here is a throw back to


MOST of our Halloweens themes & dressups. 

It all started in


, we had been married for 8 months. I had just gotten my morning sickness and wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to stay in and hand out candy. I made Jase dress up with me, using my sisters old costumes, we were

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog

….YIKES, not my best idea!



Klai was only a few months old, we went with another family theme: 

Tooth, Tooth Fairy & Girl

who lost her tooth.

Sadly again no picture, I know we have one…I will search again to see if I can find it..its awesome! 


We were living in Laie, I was pregnant with Rykel. S

o we were the

3 little Pigs &

Jase was

the Big Bad Wolf

(not pictured..not sure why?!)

The girls were

Mermaids, Jase was Merman


I’m ubber sad we have no pics because Jase’s Merman was the BOMB!!


I was large and pregnant, Shae was due to arrive in 6 weeks. 

The Kids dressed up as

Tinkerbell & Tigerlily. 


Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe


Toy Story 2

A super fun year. We combined with friends, The Pierce Family. Klai as Jessie the Cowgirl, Rykel as Bo Peep, Shae as Rex, Wyatt an Alien, Rach as Hamm, Jase as Potato Head (not pictured…again).

The Pierce Fam: Trevor as Woody, Devin as Buzz, Kyle as Alien.

Jase as Fred, Rach as Wilma, Rykel as Pebbles from Flintstone Family.

Shae as Barney, Klai as Betty, and Wyatt as Bam Bam Rubble. 

Jase as Scarecrow, Rach as Glinda, Klai as Wicked Witch of West, Rykel as Dorothy, Shae as Tin Man, Wyatt as Lion, and Evee as a Munchkin (GOODNESS she was a cute munchkin!)

Jase as Logan, Rach as Pheonix, Klai as Rogue, Rykel as Storm (not thrilled apparently), Shae as Wolverine, Wyatt as Beast, and Evee as Baby Mystique! 

Funny how the little kids got the most face paint, they did well though!


Despicable Me!

This was fun, but people couldn’t tell what certain characters were without the whole crew…and side not, Rykel does not have is the bat in the picture behind us. 

Jase as Gru, Rach as Agnes (He’s so FLUFFY!), Klai as Margo, Rykel as Edith (which both girls characters fit their personality well), & Shae as VECTOR. Wyatt, Evee & Cora were Minions! 

This was super easy and fun to do this year. 

Jase as Zangief, Rach as Srgnt Calhoun, Klai as Venelope, Rykel as Taffyta, Shae a Fix-It Felix Jr., Wyatt as Wreck-it Ralph, Evee as Candlehead & Cora as Sourbell. 

This was a super fun year! I think Jase has the most fun with his hair!

What will 2014 hold? 

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  1. lori

    Yay! I love this!

  2. Rach

    Lori I love that you stalk me….makes me happy!

  3. Laura

    You should be super proud of yourself girlie – my fav might be xmen but you make an awesome Glenda so I'm torn

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