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DIY for Cruella, Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen & Hook
DIY, The Now Mom

DIY for Cruella, Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen & Hook 

Assemble costume & add white spray paint & BOOM…Cruella DeVILLE!

Black Sequins skirt – $3 @ D.I.

Tights – had

Spray paint – had

TOTAL COST = $3.25

Cup, gold spray paint & red fabric over heart cardboard.

Evil Queen Costume

Costume needs:

Black cape

Purple dress

red sash

white collar

Gold Crown

Cape made from an old bathrobe bought at a yard sale.

I made the big white collar from poster board and an old pillow case,

sewn onto the collar of the cape.

Gold crown made from poster board & spray painted gold.

Hook from dollar store (already had)

Belt – had

 Total Cost – FREE

The evilness is even more AWESOME when it’s done CHEAP!!

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  1. catrina

    love their costumes so cute!!!!!!!!!!

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