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How To Make a JAFAR DIY Disney Costume!?
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How To Make a JAFAR DIY Disney Costume!? 

4) Cut triangular shaped cardboard pieces. Cover with extra black material & hot glue.

5) Use extra black material to make cape. Line cape with Red material (I used old t-shirts) 

Gown & Cape DONE!

1) Cut cardboard 7″ wide & long. Curve cardboard to make a cylinder shape. 

Secure shape with stapler or hot glue. Cut another cardboard into triangle shape. Secure to front of headpiece with glue or staples.

2) Cut Black fabric to make a cone like shape. glue inside top of material to secure the cone shape. 

Slip fabric over the cardboard headpiece & glue around. 

3) Cut cording or extra material into strips. Paint Gold. Hot glue onto headpiece. 

4) Cut red material into a feather like shape. OR Use a feather. 

Cut more red material to cover a circular shaped cardboard. Secure with HOt glue. 

Glue Red “Jewel” shape into center, add Feather/Feather shape material. Secure with Hot Glue.

5) Cut red material into a long rectangle: 6″ x 18″ to be the neck cover. Secure to the inside of the headpiece with hot glue.

1) scrunch newspaper into circular shape. Add tape to help mold into a snout for the snake. 

Add more newspaper & tape to create the head. 

Secure head to staff with tape. 

2) spray paint staff gold

3) Hot glue 2 drops for eyes on the staff. I did this 3 times to get desired size. 

4) Paint eyes red with nail polish. 

BOOM! Evil snake staff!

Cost Breakdown

Ghoul Costume – $5 @ D.I.

Extra red material – Free from stash

Hot Glue – free

Snake Staff – Free


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