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Bennett Circus

Feb 23, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ever since Klai was a baby, she loved being tossed in the air. We call this the Bennett Circus. 
This night we were visiting at the Boone’s house, and Aaron aided the circus and tossed the big kids too!
Shae definitely has good form. 
Klai knows how to pose during a toss.
 Wyatt of course is in it for the thrill!
Rykel is a little spastic.
Our circus doesn’t stop at just tossing….Our whole life is a circus. 
Cora is a ham! She loves hats and loves cheesing at the camera. 
And then there is miss evee, she is usually very careful. Of course we can’t avoid little falls. This one was a doozy. Tough houzer…I think she disliked the blood more than the pain. 


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