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Crayons & Consequences

Feb 27, 2014 | artist, consequences, crayons, walls | 0 comments

I love to color, I love art, I love being creative and so do our kids. 
But coloring makes me so nervous with kids. I have had quite a few kids that have colored all over the walls, but after having to clean up their messes they usually stop. 
Well Miss Evee is quite the artist. She has drawn on more walls than I can count. She has colored on sheets, walls, grandma’s walls, toys, dressers, clothes, and anything else you can think of. We have tried so many different consequences and sometimes I think it works and then I find more drawings or color marks in different places….eeeekkkk! What to do? 
She had been doing good for a week or so and hadn’t colored on anything. This particular day she asked to color on a paper and we were about to eat, so I told her no. After dinner I noticed this beauty on the couch! 
YES our brand new couches…the only thing in the house that we bought brand new! 
I was so baffled as what to do about this, that I still haven’t cleaned it off. 


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