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That time we ran away BACK to Hawaii (pt. 1)

Mar 6, 2014 | Family Life | 0 comments

When you get the chance to run away as a couple…you HAVE TO TAKE IT! 

Jase had to go to Hawaii to help out some reps and take care of business….so I HAD TO TAG ALONG. This is our overly excited CRAZY faces!

Who can blame us, this is our big trip for our 12 year anniversary. I really can’t believe we did this!

As we got on the plane, Cali jumped in to say hi and take a picture. She’s so good:) The flight was 7 hours but it was a breeze without kids. Its surprising how easy it is to travel alone. 

And then we arrived in Paradise. The smell……it is the best welcoming gift ever! We Got off the plane and into the open walkway and it was beautiful and like 75 degrees. HEAVEN!

One of the little requests from our amazing kids was to take pictures of places that we all used to go, so they can remember them. So much of this and the next posts will be lovely places we used to go, surf, play, eat, and enjoy. Forgive the blurriness of my iphone as we drove passed many of these sites. 
ChinaMans hat peering through the trees
Koolau Mountains as we fly by
Passing Indian island
Hyde Backyard. We spent many a days here and we loved it! 
 Our Thursday AL-DAY date started with an early trip to the Laie Temple
 The opposite view from the Temple. 
 Of course we double dated with the Castles
We enjoyed a surf session at Castles Beach, where I attempted to learn. But because of my wussiness and no muscle I was unable to stand up. After a good 45 minutes of trying…I went in and took pictures of Jase. He enjoyed his surf release!
See our two surfboards, we borrowed from Mark Lee, yes I did attempt to surf! 
 And of course we enjoyed some EXTREMELY yummy Poke’ for our mid-morning snack! 
Some other places we frequented. Tamura’s grocery store, where you can find all your local goodies!
The view from Foodland. I remember when they were finishing that brick house years ago. 
Waimea Bay 
Looking back on Waimea Bay and the church tower & the beautiful seagreen colored water. 
Haleiwa sign…in a rush. 
 Our first stop in Haleiwa is Matsumotos….OF COURSE! In the almost 10 years we lived in Hawaii we only went 3 times to Matsumotos. It is the best shave ice on the island, although Angel’s Ice Cream shave ice compares pretty close. 

On our way back form Haleiwa we stopped at Pipeline to watch the waves and the surfers, but we got a nice kite surfing show. This guy was GOOD! 
And of course we stayed to watch the sunset just a bit! These are the moments when life just stops, while you sit and watch the waves. 
Its Really nice to be US again. When is it ever just us. I realize that my role in life is to not only be a mother, sister, daughter, but MORE IMPORTANTLY be a WIFE! I know that I don’t take enough time to nurture that relationship like I should, my mind gets swept away in my motherly duties. But THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE, the moment you take to celebrate US is the moment that nutures that love & friendship. 

 It was really hard to not talk about the kids or worry about them, but we knew they were in good hands. 

We met up with the Josh and Dee at 7 Brothers, the burger joint that opened months after we left. IF EVER anyone goes to Laie for burgers, ONE must GO TO 7 Brothers! We enjoyed every bite and every bit of conversations. Such good friends, I can’t wait till they move a bit closer….gotta get me some more Laie friends on the mainland:)
The day ended with Jase going to bed early and Audrey, Kristin & I staying up late talking story till the wee hours! ITs funny how when you leave a part of your life, you can return & pick it up right where it left off. A perfect way to end our wonderful day in Paradise! 


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