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Rykel’s BIRTHDAY WEEK events

Apr 12, 2014 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 0 comments

This chubby cutie pie, turned 9 today! She is the sweetest, cuddliest, animal loving girl.
Birthday Week: Event #1
Rykel is so easy going, she is up for anything….so we hit the fun centers & had a blast. Her birthday was perfectly placed during Spring Break! So off to Trafalga we went. 
She hit the rock wall first & killed it. 
Of course they did the Frog Hopper.
I strategically left Cora at Grandma’s during her nap time so I could come and do the Laser tag with the kids. It was so much fun. Although I definitely tried to protect my slower babes….Wyatt & Evee. I didn’t want them to get hit…isn’t that funny!
Rykel was finally tall enough to do the ride in the Race Track, I drove of course..but we zoomed and passed lots of other cars. What a blast we are having! 
 Event #2 of Rykel’s Birthday week…Chuck-e-Cheese
In Hawaii the cool thing is to go to Chuck-e-Cheese…basically cause that is it on the islands for kid fun centers. So I was anticipating more people, especially cause it was during Spring Break. We arrived right at 10am, with coupons for extra tokens in hand & busted their door down. No one was there…..we had the whole fun center to ourselves. BOOM PARTY TIME!
Rykel rocked all the rides! 
I mostly stayed with these two littles…..they were a hoot going on all the fun little rides. 
Cora got stuck once or twice, so we had to send the big kids to go rescue her.
But the big kids mostly went to where the games were…and especially those games that gave the most tickets. Smart kids!
Event #3: Free Movie
Who can resist a free movies. We even bought candy this time. WOAH….big spender here!
Event #4: Trafalga AGAIN! Party all week long. 
 Cora was a little bummed that she wasn’t big enough to ride this ride. Ahh short people problems. 
Wyatt & Evee were big enough & super excited to do something new. This ride they open only when weather is permitting.
Evee hits the Frog Hopper again….and AGAIN….AND AGAIN!
She gets really into it & dares herself to raise her arm or close her eyes. What a silly girl!
Rykel loves to include everyone. So she will go on the little rides to make sure everyone is having fun. She is a sweet girl. Love her.
This was Cora’s first time on the airplane. She’s very serious about where she is flying this thing.
Ahh the pirate ship. 
And this time Shae FINALLY conquers the wall & goes all the way to the top. Accomplishment!
Event #5: Popsicles on the grass. 
Event #6: Party time!
We don’t throw parties for friends on off years. But we do family parties. 
So I blew up a bunch of balloons and had everyone write what they loved about Rykel. She really enjoyed this loving complimenting attention. And so did her hair!
We invited a few good friends over and Meg made this lovely brownie cake! 
She’s pondering the wish for the birthday. And please notice the crayons as candles…they took a while to light. 
GIFTS! Rykel loves all things cuddly…just like her.
 I thought it would be so fun to give her a soft cuddle doll that looked just like her. 
I think Birthday Week was a success! 
If you haven’t heard of Birthday week before, this is what we do. 
We throw big parties every so many years. On the off years, we do fun events surrounding the birthday & we try to make them feel just as special as when we do big parties. We usually go somewhere, do a family party, and try to find fun things they like to do. Because we have so many kids, we also try to keep things on a budget. The birthday person still gets a love-filled, lots of attention, birthday Week!


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