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Birthday Week Rykel

Apr 14, 2014 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 0 comments

Having 6 kids is expensive….and birthdays are no exception, although there can be…exceptions. I pride myself on finding the best deals and getting good gifts for cheap. But I don’t want my children to feel that their birthday was “cheap.” 
After having a friend party every year for my big girls…I slowed down quite a bit when my 3rd came around. I followed the example of my sister, who has 8 kids, and decided to spread out the friend parties. I throw a BIG OLE BASH PARTY every 4 years (or so). 
Miss Rykel had an awesome Kung Fu Party for her 4th Birthday. 

For her 8th Birthday we did a  Fishing Birthday Bash!  

So on the off years, we do an ONLY family party & we go or do something cool. Another year in between we will have the birthday child invite 1-3 friends and we’ll go somewhere, like a movie or bouncy place, etc. But Because it is an off year, I don’t them to feel less celebrated so we do BIRTHDAY WEEK.  That sounds expensive & extreme, but its really about the little things. Each day during the week surrounding their birthday I try to do something fun/outing/adventure or give them something. 

Some things we do for Birthday week:
-wrapped favorite cereal – open & have birthday breakfast
-make favorite birthday breakfast – pancakes/hash/bacon/etc.
-hit up their favorite parks/beaches/free play locations
-cake & gifts another night
-visit favorite/funny places of memories of that child & tell them stories about them while we drive or walk around
-fill bedroom with balloon or decorations for when they wake
-show pictures of birth day & tell stories about their birth
-at dinner we tell our favorite stories of that person, or favorite things/talents about them
-Write on Balloons favorite memories, i.e.:  7 balloons for 7th birthday! 
This was a Family year party. To stay sane during the cold inside days of the mainland, we bought the Pass of all Passes from 7peaks/Trafalga. Birthday week began with us hitting up Trafalga for many hours. I let them run wild! 

 WILD I tell you WILD!

For the Price this place really is a great deal. We go for as many hours as we want and can leave at any minute & I don’t feel bad that I wasted money. We brought our own snacks & water bottles to keep cost down! Then in the summer we’ll hit up the awesome water park!

 I REALLY ENJOY LASER TAG….although it gives me anxiety at times….and defending my little Wyatt (5) and Evee (almost 4), was very nerve racking.

Rykel is quite good at these games!

Day 2 of Birthday Week was hitting up Chuck-E-Cheese! This was the only event I actually spent money on. It was $20, I printed off some coupons for more tokens & they got 185 tokens, so about $.13/token. Not bad compared to Trafalga’s game prices. Even though it was 2nd day of Spring Break it wasn’t packed at all, in fact there was only 1 other family there. So AGAIN I let the kids run a muck! 

Day 3 – FREE MOVIE! Ah yes, these passes get us into a small theater in American Fork. Of course we did that! I brought water bottles and the theater let them fill it up. They enjoyed a movie they hadn’t seen and going out is always an adventure with 6 kids!

Day 4 – Trafalga AGAIN! Ah yes, we can come as often as we want….and nothing says celebrate like rocking the Hopper ride again and again and again! Miss Evee must have gone atleast 10 times…in a row! 

 Day 5 of Birthday events – A Nice HOT (and I mean not freezing and above 70 degrees) day for the kids to play in the sun & wear SHORTS….who would’ve thought this town was capable of such lovely days in April.
We had a lazy fun day filled with: popsicles, fun cereal, movie watching, backyard games & friends. I think a slower day is nice when the week has been non-stop going going going FUN!

The Weekend came & we did normal things like go to Church & enjoy the last day of Spring break…our Daddy was out of town the last few days, so we postponed the birthday cake & presents till he returned.

SO our last Day of Birthday Celebrations was a REAL celebration! I made a yummy dinner for Rykel & invited over our neighbors (who brought PIZZA)! THEN the mini celebration……
-each kid wrote on a balloon their favorite thing about RYKEL.
 I love doing this because real thoughtful compliments are a TRUE GIFT! (little ones drew pictures for her)

Then of course the Birthday Cake! I made yummy cupcakes & neighbor friend, Meg, made a very delicious brownie pan.
We added some lovely CRAYON candles (we ran out of real ones & due to my 72 hr. kit research I found that crayons burn for a long time = perfect for cakes)!

We ended the day with Birthday gifts! 
This girl loves cuddlies……anything soft and squishy, I found this lovely Bunny at DI, with a nice wash, this bunny was perfect for her.
AND of course her other favorite gift (if I don’t say so myself) is her Look-Alike doll…..I don’t do faces, I felt it might ruin the doll. She loves it & that’s all that matters!

I’m pretty sure this Birthday Week was a success! 
(And total cost for gifts & activities was under $40)


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