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7 activities for Royal Preparation Academy Party & BONUS!

May 14, 2014 | Celebrate | 0 comments

For our Princess Preparation Academy training we begin with 
#1 Proper Greetings: 
Princes: “Good day Princess,” with a Bow
Princesses: “How do you do?” with a Curtsy
#2 Cinderella Test had 2 games. 
1st: Walk in Cinderella’s Shoes or Balance Book like a princess. I love their concentrating faces!
The 2nd game was help Cinderella find her missing slipper. Everyone loved this game. 
#3 Prince Charming Test of bravery and etiquette: walking with the Jousting stick while balancing on the beam. Of course Prince Charming did this!

#4 Pin a Kiss on Prince Naveen
Instead of printing out lips to put on prince Naveen, we put Lipstick on the girls & then they put it on the Frog Prince. The girls LOVED this!

I love how sweet and innocent these little girls are!

#5 Snow White TEST: Who’s the Fairest One or Strongest One of ALL?!

-A simple as this game was, they loved looking at their pretty self in the mirror & I would tell them THEY were the fairest! or They were the Strongest One of All!
Our Crew of cute Princesses and Princes! Of course all are looking except my Birthday Girl!

Light snacks: Veggie Tray with Dip, Grapes and a cookie.
It is Birthday Cake time! 

Blowing out the Candles is MOST important!

After Cake, Open Present Time! Sometimes I feel weird having my kid open gifts in front of other kids, but I have found that the kids LOVE to see their friends open their gifts! And it ended up true, no 4 year old was bummed.

The last EVENT & BEST of all….
#7 “Save Aurora & Defeat Maleficent!” 
One last look at the beast in all its glory! 
These little 4 yr olds were more than excited to BEAT the BEAST!

Limbs came off quite quickly…but that belly didn’t bust for a while!
I like to make my pinatas tough enough so I can BUST THEM OPEN! 
It is my TRIUMPH!!
At the beginning of the party our friends decorated shield for Princes and Princess Hats for the princess! That and an extreme amount of Pinata candy, these kids were quite content!
Post party jump…all pumped up with Candy & getting their wiggles out. Looks like the Party was a success! PHEW Royal Preparation Academy Party COMPLETE!

Check out Royal Party Setup & Cost to find out how I spent LESS THAN $20 for this Celebration!


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