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The Actress!

Oct 9, 2014 | actress, broadway, Klai, performance, peter pan, theaters | 0 comments

When kids are little you put them in lots of stuff to find out what they like & what things they are good at. Klai, honestly, was good at SOO many things. She was recruited into gymnastics at 4, supposedly she had the perfect body type & she was quite coordinated at that age. She has such grace & form, especially when she did Ballet & Dance. She loved to shake it doing Tahitian. She was very coordinated with her feet during Soccer. She loved singing songs & joining Aunty May’s keiki choir. 
But this child BEAMS when she is on stage. She had a wonderful time starring as Marta in Sound of Music at the BYUH performance 2 years ago. 
Moving to Heber couldn’t have been more perfect for Klai. Because Sundance Film Festival is quite close, Heber has many performance theaters. We kept seeing signs around town for many plays, I finally found one that children could audition for. 
Although most of the roles for Peter Pan are played by those High School age or older, she still tried out. She practiced and practiced a song from Annie and performed it magnificently. She memorized the practice lines & recited them quite well. The director asked WHERE I WAS HIDING HER! They were quite impressed with her confidence and abilities. So she got a role; a twin Lost Boy AND Jane (Wendy’s daughter). 
She’s been practicing 2x a week since August. Now we are down to 4x a week till performance night. It’s coming & I’m so excited to see it!
I know she’ll be great. I’m so proud that she has dedicated her time to practices and still gets her homework done too!


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