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2014 Costume theme

Oct 13, 2014 | Celebrate, Halloween | 1 comment

I enjoy dressing up for Halloween. We usually don’t do bad guys or villains….well last year we had good bad guys like Wreck-It Ralph. This year, 2014, we decided to do villains…but not just ANY villains, 
I have been thinking about this since early spring and I am super excited to do this theme. I think the kids are enjoying it too. We like to encourage their creativity and input. So we watch a bunch of disney movies and they choose who they like, or we give them options and then they choose. 
Jase is Hades from Hercules. I debated on Jase being Gaston or Jafar, but the costume for Jafar is quite extensive and didn’t want to make a full grown man sized one. So Jase chose between Gaston & Jafar, I think Jase enjoys the blue hair option. 
I (Rach) am Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty…ahh but which one will I do?!
Klai will be the Evil Queen from Snow White (IF I can get to it, she has her play to do and she may not be able to even trick-o-treat….but lets all hope for her.)
Rykel is Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations…I love this idea cause Rykel LOVES animals, I enjoy the irony!
Shae will be Captain Hook! This was the first villain Shae met at Disneyland…and he was quite scary that Shae almost cried. But Captain Hook was a gentleman and tried to make Shae smile & did a great job. 
Wyatt as Jafar from Aladin. I think Wyatt really wanted to do this one because of his golden snake staff with the red eyes. 
 Evee is the Queen of Hearts. She actually didn’t know who she was till we watched Alice in Wonderland…which is so completely odd. Evee thought she was so funny, saying: “Off with their head!” 
Little Cora will be Ursula from Little Mermaid. She will be a vision in black and purple. Funny thing, the little toddler/kids always get a bunch of makeup…but they love it!
Now the TRUE question is, can I make these with little or no money & make them look fabulous?!! We shall see!

1 Comment

  1. echo

    are you doubting yourself? you are the queen of costumes i have full 100 percent confidence in you and your costume abilities. it will be fab!!


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