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Maleficent DIY: headpiece, Costume, staff

Oct 21, 2014 | Celebrate, Halloween | 2 comments

For months I have been planning my Maleficent costume. I was actually inspired when I did Evee’s Princess party & I made the Maleficent dragon for her Pinata, see HERE
I love to do things cheap & making things with my hands is super fun! 
Newspaper (lots)
Masking Tape (maybe 2 rolls)
Paper Mache Materials : 1/3 cup flour, 2/3 cup flour, shredded newspaper, & balloon.
Hot Glue & Glue Gun
Black Spray Paint
1 yard of Black material (shiny or vinyl leather)
I started as if I would a pinata. I blew up a balloon & began doing the paper mache layers. I followed this DIY youtube, she’s quite good.
I shaped horns out of newspaper & tape….lots of tape. Jase helped in this department, apparently I don’t know how to shape horns very well.
I cute the head piece to have the right angles & fit my head. I then attached the horns with tape….lots of tape. 
Using HOT glue I added a little bit of decoration to the head piece.  I also added hot glue to the ends of the horns.
 Spray paint black.
I bought some cheap black fabric from Wal-mart, it had a big of goldish brown highlight to it…super fun! I then Hot Glued it to the horns about halfway up the horn, creating layers as I worked my way down to the base of the horn. Using LOTS of hot glue.
You can see the hot glue decoration at the top of the horns, the fabric layered about halfway down to the base, and notice the detail of the hot glue on forhead area of the head piece. 
I added fabric to the sides of the headpiece. I left it to hang a bit, so I can tuck my hair up in it & pin it in back.
I think it turned out well. 
What do you think?


Old black robe or Cap & Gown from D.I. or Black Sheet
Long Black Dress

Instructions: I altered the cap & Gown. I cut off the collar & slit open the arm slots. I then sewed the edge of the collar under to make a more simple collar hem. I sewed the arm slots just at where the hands would be, leaving the material draping down.

I wore a straight black dress underneath.

Neck/Shoulder Accents 
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Instructions: Cut cardboard into fan blade like shapes, 2 large & 2 small.
Bend cardboard into the swoop shape needed.
Add Pipe cleaners on the edge of the swoop, tape down to secure the cardboard.

Cut smaller rectangular strips of cardboard.
Tape to the smaller cardboard blades, to help tuck into costume later.

 Cut fabric (used from headpiece) slightly bigger than cardboard.
Hot glue down.

Tuck shoulder accents into the collar of cape & secure with safety pins!

Don’t forget to cut a simple small piece of black fabric for neck. Secure with safety pins.

Magic Staff
Wrapping Paper Tube, maybe 2 if small
Plastic easter egg
Acrylic paint: blue, orange, green, yellow
Masking Tape
Old Brown Tights (hot glue & gun) OR brown spray paint

Bend to shape paper tube to resemble a wood staff. Tape bent areas to be more secure.
Wrap newspaper around tube to give it texture & thickness, tape securely.

 Paint Easter Egg Blue. Then add different colors for accents

Cut ends of tights off, making 2 open ends. Slip cardboard & newspaper staff into the tights. Use hot glue to secure it to the newspaper/cardboard staff. Twist while hot glueing to give it a more textured & twisted look. Put Egg in top of staff with hot glue.

Now Your whole costume is complete!

Cost Breakdown
Cap & Gown…GOWN – $6 @ D.I.
Material for Headpiece – $1.50
Headpiece: newspaper & hot glue – FREE
Black Spray Paint – $1
Cardboard – free
Dress – from my closet
Staff: egg, newspaper, wrapping tube, tape & old tights – ON hand FREE
 TOTAL COST = $8.50


  1. Rach

    That last pic makes me look very pale…I guess that's perfect for her!

  2. Kristen

    This is so great. You are a genius!


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