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Disney Villains have been super fun planning & creating. 
Ursula is one of the classic villains. 
Items Needed: 
Purple shirt (a size bigger is ok)
extra purple material
Black fabric (I used an old dress from my older child & extra fabric from a cap/gown)
Big Bubble wrap
Purple & Gold spray paint
hot glue & glue gun
Black ribbon (or extra black material)
STEP #1 Sewing: 
I cut the black fabric (from the cap/gown I bought at DI) to shape the bustier & pinned onto purple shirt. I then pinned the other black fabric (I took the skirt portion to a dress my bigger girls grew out of) to the bottom of the bustier part, pinning all around the purple shirt. 
STEP #2: Cut & Sew again
Cut bottom of black skirt to form 8 tentacles.
Cut purple material (old shirt) to be a bit bigger than black tentacles. 
Sew Purple material to Black. 
(You could stop here) 
What makes the tentacles EPIC is the bubble wrap! 
STEP #3: Cut & Spray Paint
Cut bubble wrap (use BIG bubbles) to be fit the tentalces already sewn. 
Spray paint cut bubble wrap purple (paint may flake off)
Step #4: Hot Glue Bubbles On
Glue on the sewn line & attach bubbles.
Step #5: Accessories 
Shape Shell from Play-Doh
Cover shaped shell in Mod-Podge to keep shape
Spray Paint Shell Gold.
Let Dry & with needle string a string through.
Attach Ribbon/material through string to use as necklace. 
A little hair paint & BOOM…my little Ursula. 
This shot she’s not wearing any makeup…I will update when we take her REAL Halloween pics. 
She’s a cute Ursula! 
This costume was essentially FREE.
All clothes were given to me, or I had on hand.
Bubble wrap I got from my awesome neighbor.
Spray paint I had on hand also.
The bustier was from Maleficents gown.



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