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COST UPDATE Halloween 2014 Disney Villains

Oct 31, 2014 | Celebrate, Halloween | 5 comments

This year has been my most favorite year yet! The costumes were so fun to make, the kids loved watching “their” evil roles in their movies, and they loved pretending to be the evil villains. 

QUESTION: How do you get your kids to go with the family theme? 
ANSWER: So far I haven’t had anyone ask to be something different. We also have been doing this since before they were born, so they don’t know any different. We also let them discuss what ideas would be cool to do. If a child does want to do something different, I think I’ll still do a family theme for our party or maybe for our ward trunk-or-treat. I’ll help them with their individual costumes for trick-or-treating. 
This has been a fun year, and some of us will have 4 chances to wear our costumes. 
So here we are: DISNEY VILLAINS
Maleficent….The villain movie of the year! 
This was super fun to make. You can check out my DIY HERE for WHOLE outfit. In this picture I’m not wearing the neck piece…DARNIT!
I like this picture of Jase & I, we both have on our FULL costume.

We had a few options for Jase, he was going to be Jafar or Gaston at first. But I gave the hard Jafar costume to Wyatt & went with the easiest costume I could fine…Hades. It was very easy. 
 Now, the Evil Children! 
These kids are the best, they were quite ready to go with any idea we had. 
I love this picture, almost everyone is portraying their character just right….Cora is totally into her Evil laugh right here!
Evil Queen (Queen Grimhilde)
Klai is in the Peter Pan play and I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to wear the costume at all. But thank goodness for Trunk-or-Treats, she got to wear it once. And thank goodness her costume was quite easy also, DIY HERE!
Cruella DeVille
This has always been a favorite character of mine. She is also my favorite character to talk to at Disneyland, she’s Hilarious! 
Rykel loves animals, I thought it would be delightfully ironic for Rykel to be Cruella. She does the faces the best also.
Check out the little DIYs HERE
Another fabulous Character. Shae met him at Disneyland when he was 3….Shae was so intimidated by Hook, that he didn’t want to meet him….but he was brave! Most of his costume was borrowed, I’ve got great friends. Costume assembly here.
A truly evil villain. I always despised him watching the movies he was in. Wyatt embraced this awesome evilness. His costume was more time consuming than the other kids costumes, but very fun to make. DIY here.
 Queen of Hearts
Evee is a sweetheart, so finding a character for her was actually difficult. Luckily she actually had this costume, I found it at a yard sale & she played dress-up in it many times. The only thing I made for her was her crown…so simple.  We even watched Alice in Wonderland (which is the craziest movie ever) and she enjoyed how crazy the Queen of Hearts was. She loved giving stinkeye to everyone.  Crown DIY here
My lovely sweet Cora is the evil Ursula. Check out her DIY Here. Cora thought the bubble wrap for her tentacles was just so fun to pop & she loved laughing all evil like! 
 Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Evilest Family around! 
2014 what a great year!
Costume Cost Breakdown. Each DIY has a breakdown for THAT costume
For this whole family theme  TOTAL COST  = $24.75


  1. Natalie.

    You are a mad genius. I'm dying! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. Laura

    25 bucks!!???? Cruella might be my fav but they are seriously all amazing

  3. Natalie.

    25 dollars, total?!?!!

  4. Kristen

    That is unreal! You are amazing! $24.75?!


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