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Nov 4, 2014 | Celebrate, Halloween | 0 comments

I did Jafar right after doing my Maleficent costume. I thought this one would be the most time consuming and maybe difficult. It wasn’t too bad. Time consuming YES!
Gown & Cape DIY
Materials needed:
Black material / I used an Adult Black ghoul costume
Red material 
Hot glue & glue gun
1) I cut old costume into two big piece. I cut the collar in. 
2) Sew the top of dress together, leaving collar open (sew collar under if needed). Sew sides of dress together, leaving arm holes. Sew arm holes in for easy hem. Surge bottom for hem.
3) Cut red material & sew sides for a sash.
4) Cut triangular shaped cardboard pieces. Cover with extra black material & hot glue.
5) Use extra black material to make cape. Line cape with Red material (I used old t-shirts) 
Gown & Cape DONE!
Headpiece DIY
Materials needed: 
extra black material
red material
cording OR extra gold/white material
gold spray paint
Hot Glue & Glue Gun
1) Cut cardboard 7″ wide & long. Curve cardboard to make a cylinder shape. 
Secure shape with stapler or hot glue. Cut another cardboard into triangle shape. Secure to front of headpiece with glue or staples.
2) Cut Black fabric to make a cone like shape. glue inside top of material to secure the cone shape. 
Slip fabric over the cardboard headpiece & glue around. 
3) Cut cording or extra material into strips. Paint Gold. Hot glue onto headpiece. 
4) Cut red material into a feather like shape. OR Use a feather. 
Cut more red material to cover a circular shaped cardboard. Secure with HOt glue. 
Glue Red “Jewel” shape into center, add Feather/Feather shape material. Secure with Hot Glue.
5) Cut red material into a long rectangle: 6″ x 18″ to be the neck cover. Secure to the inside of the headpiece with hot glue.
 Snake Staff DIY
wrapping paper tube
Hot glue & gun
1) scrunch newspaper into circular shape. Add tape to help mold into a snout for the snake. 
Add more newspaper & tape to create the head. 
Secure head to staff with tape. 
2) spray paint staff gold
3) Hot glue 2 drops for eyes on the staff. I did this 3 times to get desired size. 
4) Paint eyes red with nail polish. 
BOOM! Evil snake staff!
Cost Breakdown
Ghoul Costume – $5 @ D.I.
Extra red material – Free from stash
Hot Glue – free
Snake Staff – Free


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